T.Ronn Hicks .


Simply Badd (aka T-Ronn Hicks) is “The People’s Champion Against Bullying.”
He is also a dedicated and loving husband, father, follower of Chris, and an international spokesman for the war against bullying.

He has an impressive career history currently including, professional speaking, certified life coach, and an inspirational coach to students in a mentor program he created known as SB Game Changers. He is a member of Toastmasters International AC Gold, a retired pro-wrestler of 18 years with 5 Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame awards and runs a successful It Works home business.

Mr. Hicks is also a published author. His books included “My Inside is Brighter Than My Outside,” which is all about how her personally overcame bullying, and “If I Can, You Can: 13 Spiritual Keys To Success.” Both books were published through CreateSpace Publication and are available on Amazon.


Topics of Expertise

Bully prevention and support/ restoration.
Positive thoughts and outlook on life.
Helping others remove the stumbling blocks out of their lives to achieve their goals and desires.
Help today’s youth become tomorrow’s leaders

His areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, mediating and resolving conflict between bullies and their victims, and teaching students the importance of motivation in reaching achieving their dreams. He also enjoys inspiring and educating others through his experience of being raised in a single-parent home

His motto: The Inner You Is the Real You!!!

As a person who has been a victim and overcome bullying, Mr. Hicks seeks to inspire others to view bullying in the community as a personal problem that everyone needs to invest in. If it weren’t for a mentor who stepped in, he firmly believes that he would not have accomplished all that he has today. Our children need positive role models. Bullying does not just affect the victim. The children in our communities are our future leaders, who without community outreach, will not have the positive supports, mentors, and resources needed to help them reach their full potential and keep them safe. Bullying is on the rise, and we must work together to offer effective solutions. This is Mr. Hicks goal!