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As a speaker’s bureau, The Hill Agency Int’l works diligently to attract top keynote, seminar, workshop and other speakers who are experts and influencers in their respective industries. We are proud to represent a diverse group of speakers. Their subject matters are just as diverse as their ethnicities and experiences. We are successful entrepreneurs, public intellectuals, and TED speakers who work to remain abreast of today’s trending topics while acknowledging and exploiting the wisdom and value of the past. Our speakers have a personal mission to deliver positive transformative messages using thought-provoking technique and their engaging personalities. We think of ourselves as a global talent agency that is the resource for event planners who work to make things better today than they were yesterday. We are inspired thinkers who are driven by the mission to leave an imprint on the world.


To create transformative experiences that leave an imprint on global audiences using subject matter experts, influencers, and educators to deliver keynotes, speeches, and workshops.

Faye Hill.

Director of Speakers Bureau/CEO

As Founder and CEO of The Hill Agency Int’l, Faye Hill truly believes that she can help create gratifying and rewarding experiences by connecting you with the right people. Through her previous experience as the Director of a Speakers Bureau, she developed an exceptional skill for linking the perfect speaker with an organization’s specified need. Ms. Hill‘s experience as a speaker helped her understand the importance of delivering an impactful message to your audience. As a result of her experience on both the speaker and bureau side of the business, Faye Hill came to typify the phrase “Excellence Matters” in all professional arenas. Practicing this methodology has gained her the trust of entrepreneurs, corporations and non-profit organizations who have benefited from her services.

“I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Faye Hill of The Hill Agency Int’l. Personal service that is result-oriented is a perfect combination when you want the right speaker for an event. Faye Hill listened to our needs and provided the ideal speaker for our Annual Education Conference. I was pleased with the level of professionalism and the commitment to excellence that is exhibited throughout the booking process. I strongly recommend the Agency as a highly qualified organization to assist anyone looking for the right speaker for a specific need. ”

Beverly Glover, Manager
National Association of Health Services Executives

Ms. Hill is also a social media expert, author, and entrepreneur. She’s a native of Washington State and now resides in Dallas, Texas. Faye is an active member of Black Women in Business, National Association of Professional Women and Meeting Professionals International.

Find out more about Faye Hill here: www.faye-hill.com

Topics of Expertise:
Strategies That Work for Church Development
Social Media Marketing for Relative Newbies
Next Level Customer Service for Any Organization