Hill Agency FAQs.

What You Should Know

  • I haven’t booked a speaker before…what do I do first?

    Booking a speaker for your event can sometimes be a bit overwhelming and time-consuming. That is why we are here! The Hill Agency Int’l is led by our experienced director, Ms. Faye Hill. Placing one call to Ms. Hill will get you started and on your way. She will easily walk you through the process, asking all the right questions, and then taking over the logistics so that you can sit back, relax, and not have to worry. We have the experience, the process, the best practices, and the forms and we will handle it all – just for you!

  • What kind of costs should I expect?

    Many factors impact the fees for speakers including celebrity, length of the presentation, demand, the complexity of the presentation and more. The Hill Agency Int’l places a great deal of emphasis on getting you just the right content for just the right audience – within budget and on time. We also have a commitment to the non-profit sector so that we can place our speakers in your events at an affordable rate. We work with our speakers so that we can negotiate the best value for you. We do not list the fees for our speakers online, however, typically, our speakers range from $1500 to over $80,000 for a 60-90-minute keynote address and from $2500 to $100,000 for a full day of training – all depending on who the speaker is that you select.

    We do expect our clients to also cover:

    • Airfare
    • Lodging
    • Ground Transportation
    • Meals
    • Audio Visual Equipment

    We will discuss the details of all of this with you and together, we can settle on just what works for your budget.  So let’s talk about it!

  • Why should I use The Hill Agency International?

    The Hill Agency International team is experienced, knowledgeable about this business, and focused on customer service. Our CEO, Faye Hill was previously the Director of the Black Health Today Speakers Bureau. Faye established The Hill Agency International so that speakers with a passion and a message could be presented to organizations with the need for exceptional speakers. The trust factor is what sets her agency apart from others. She is trained to work with each client to ensure your goals and objectives for your event are clear and well understood by our speakers. She will assist you in defining your event outcomes and communicating directly with your speaker to ensure that messages translate into your successful event.

  • So if I decide to use The Hill Agency International, what services are you going to provide and how much will that cost me?

    Our services do not cost you, the client, anything. Our speakers pay for our services.

  • The Hill Agency International, LLC services will include:
    • Initial consultation which includes a discussion of your event, your expectations, your event goals, objectives, and final outcomes, budget, content preferences, and logistics.
    • Speaker search with options presented to you, the client, within 24 hours or sooner.
    • Speaker confirmation and contract negotiation and management.
    • Communication between the client and the speaker.
    • Coordination and management of all logistics including travel arrangements, audio visual needs assessment, unique characteristics of your event, book signings when applicable, and event location dynamics.
    • Communication between The Hill Agency, you the client, and the speaker, on the day of the event.
    • Follow-up and evaluation services including immediate planning for your next major event!
  • How do I know my speaker will show up on time and what happens if my speaker doesn’t show at all?

    It is important to us that our clients and speakers have an exceptional experience. As a result, if ever there were a situation that prevented our speaker from showing, we will work diligently to send another qualified speaker in his/her place so that your event is as amazing as you planned for it to be. The Hill Agency International, LLC works to ensure a back-up speaker is ready in case of an emergency and should a financial adjustment be necessary we will work to rectify the situation in a manner that is satisfactory to all parties.

  • Why can’t I just go direct to the speaker?

    Good question!  In most cases speakers are not immediately available to the general public or event planner. Many have agents and others prefer to have someone else negotiate and coordinate on their behalf. Booking speakers can be a time consuming experience. The Hill Agency takes on time and effort of booking your speaker and makes your job so much easier by handling the minute details so that you do not have to. Our research, coordination, and experience takes over and allows you to focus on your program, your audience, and all the other details of planning your event!

  • Do you evaluate your speakers?

    Absolutely! But, we don’t just evaluate your speaker.  We discuss, with you, the entire experience. After your event, we will follow-up with a phone call. We will talk about the experience, what went right?  What did not go so well? And, we will get your written feedback. We want to make sure that you have the best event possible so it is our job to ensure our speakers are provided with constructive feedback so that the next event is even more successful than the last.


To provide an experience through speaking that leaves an impact on 1 million audience members globally.