Reneatta Austin.


Reneatta Austin was born and raised in Columbus, Mississippi to the late Harvey Austin and Virginia Howard.  She had a gift for learning, making her proud alums of the prestigious Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Mississippi, Mississippi University for Women, and Western Governors University where she has undergraduate and graduate degrees.  She believes that her reason for being on the planet is to push people into their destiny.  Her personal mantra is “either you’re part of the problem or you’re part of the solution”.  She speaks from a place of love and wishes to encourage all under the sound of her voice to be the best they can truly be.  Hold on to your peace and learn to recover. Reneatta resides in the Atlanta metro and is a life and career/business coach. Reneatta speaks at Women’s Conferences, Churches and Non-Profit Organizations.


Topics of Expertise

Women’s Healing (trauma sexual and non sexual, abuse, beyond “me too”)
Racial and Gender Equality
Career and Business Development
Recovering from Disappointment