Howard Rose Jr.


A seasoned author and success coach, Howard Rose Jr. has proven to help his audience understand how their thoughts and emotions work in tangent with one another, how they have power over, and how they can better manage them in order to live the life they want in their thoughts and emotions. Mr. Rose is the author of 28 books and is the great mind behind the Success Thoughts coaching program. Fueled by his love for people and human interaction, Howard’s passion becomes evident when he’s teaching others how to think their way to a better, more fulfilled and successful life. With 16 years of experience, Howard Rose Jr. has not only assisted others with using their thoughts to navigate their way to success, but he, too, has had to use the techniques he teaches on his journey to success.


Topics of Expertise

Increasing Productivity Through Emotional Intelligence
How Unmanaged Emotions Affect Decision Making
How to Nurture Lasting Relationships Between Coworkers And Bosses.
Breaking The Barrier To Unlimited Creativity
Are You Emotionally Hard to Manage In The Workplace?