Don Taylor.


Don Taylor consults, teaches and lectures on healthcare policy, emerging disruptors, leadership and the exciting opportunities within today’s dynamic healthcare industry. At his core, he is a futurist that is bound by optimism, purpose, passion, and reality.

Don is a retired Colonel who served in the United States Air Force for over 27 years in various roles supporting DoD healthcare. He has been the CEO of hospitals and served as the COO of Wilford Hall Academic Medical Center in San Antonio. He also led the Air Force theater (trauma) hospital in Balad AB, Iraq in 2006 his most challenging and rewarding leadership experience. As the Health Benefits and Policy advisor to the Air Force Surgeon General, he was instrumental in developing the military health plan TRICARE and created the


Topics of Expertise

Models of Care
Expectations from a Changing Healthcare Consumer
The Seven Essential L’s for Today’s Healthcare Leadership
Losing our Purpose: Restoring “Care” in our Health system
How we live: Social Determinates As the Key to Finding “Health” as our outcome

TRICARE for Life benefit with CMS and the Senate/House staff. Don was President of an engineering and medical support company that served clients in 14 countries. He has served as the Associate Director for various VA Medical Centers. Most recently, he served as the Director, Southwest Health Resources Integration, where he supported the development of the clinically integrated network of Southwestern Health Resources. Today, he consults in the rapidly changing world of healthcare, advises on crisis response in support of national public health and is an Adjunct Professor at UT Dallas, where he teaches healthcare strategy, business, and policy. He is also a mentor and coach for emerging leaders in healthcare.

Don is a certified trainer for leadership development with two organizations. As a volunteer, Mr. Taylor founded the Air Force Association’s Wounded Airman Program. He now serves as the Chairman of the National Air Force Association Veteran and Retiree Council.

He has published the book, The Quiet Heroes: Timeless Reflections of an American Airman, where he captured the story of a bomber crew member from World War II. He lives in Southlake, Texas with his wife Judy Hoberman