Derrick Butts.

Master Motivator


A master motivator, communicator and influencer. Derrick Butts is the CEO of Assist U2 Win: The Connecting Place For Winners. Derrick is known for his unique ability to communicate and connect with his audience. Derrick offers tons of value by sharing proven principles that create momentum, change, and strategy. For 15 years Derrick has influenced thousands of lives to discover their definition of winning, develop a plan to make it a reality, and decide that NOW is greater than later to implement their plan for winning. Derrick has spent 20 years of intense leadership study, certified and coached by John Maxwell and team, combined with 15 years of leading highly successful sales and finance teams within AutoNation. Derrick now spends his time investing these proven principles into the lives of individuals and businesses. Derrick believes that there are simple solutions to maximize personal development, production and profits. Derrick is one of today’s newest innovative thought-provoking leaders and he is being sought after by many to inspire, challenge, and deliver winning principles to individuals, entrepreneurs, educators, and business leaders around the world. Derrick’s love and passion are experienced when he ignites the winner within you to believe that you too can win. This is what he calls Assist U2 Win.


Topics of Expertise

The DGCP Method For Winners
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Lesson to Learn Before You Launch
More: The Rubber Band Mentality
4 Ships To Building a Championship Team
W.H.A.T. What Attitude: Winning Habits Applied Today
Creative Concepts: All I Need Is A Pen, A Pad, & A Plan
The Sales Culture For Success: I.C.U. (Intensity, Consistency, Urgency)

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